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RETURNS + REFUNDSUpdated 2 years ago

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Spindle’s Comfort Guarantee is simple. You have 365 days to determine if Spindle is right for you. If we can’t get you comfortable within a year we’ll refund all your money. Every single penny.


Spindle's 365 Night Trial is limited to one (1) mattress refund per household and it must be exercised directly with Spindle no later than the 365 days following delivery of the mattress.

Our Comfort Guarantee, Refund, and Comfort Life/Parts policies do not apply to Factory Outlet Mattress or purchases through 3rd party marketplaces such as Wayfair, Amazon, Etsy and others. We encourage you to carefully read the fine print on those websites to understand your buyer’s protections. We’re very happy to provide product and technical information, but you must go through the retailer for any kind of adjustments.

We’re not a “free-trial” mattress.

Please don’t confuse Spindle with the teeming online mass market mattresses. They sell lifestyle. Spindle is a 10” organic latex mattress you buy at a kick-ass price. Compare us with all-latex mattresses you’ve seen in specialty stores and you’ll understand our vision.

We want you to buy our mattress because you’re committed to latex, not just because you want to try it out. If you like latex — and you’re a good candidate for our 10” mattress — there’s an excellent chance we can get you comfortable. If we can’t, we’ll refund your purchase price.

Don’t replace: Modify.

One of Spindle’s big benefits comes from its zipper top design. It’s inherently easy to modify the feel. About 85% of our customers love their Spindle right out of the box. Another 13% to 14% really like their mattress but realize they should have gone for more support or more cushion. With Spindle you don’t have to get a new mattress. We can help you fix it.

Getting you comfortable.

Lying on a mattress in a store for 15 minutes may tell you if you like the class of mattress. It’s not a sure way of knowing if you’re getting the right firmness. Same thing with your Spindle.

Give yourself 60 to 90 days to get used to your new mattress. You’re using different muscles to support yourself and you may notice things you’ve not noticed before. The mattress, too, will loosen up over that time. Some people notice it. Some don’t.

If after the adjustment period you’d like to change the feel of your Spindle call us, let us know what’s missing and the zone you’d like to hit. We’ll work together to determine next steps. We have a good track record of being able to recommend a fix.

Proper Support.

We’ll also check on your bed’s other components. What’s under your mattress will affect how it feels. Without adequate support your Spindle will try to support itself and will not perform as designed. If your bed is not compatible it’s often easy to make modifications to bring it up to speed. Voila! Mattress is fixed!

Other important notes.

Changing the feel of your Spindle can be an iterative process. Sometimes it’s as simple as rearranging the materials in your mattress. Other times a different mix of latex is needed and we’ll send that to you at our cost. The result is that your Spindle will feel different and you’ll have done the fix in your home.

Please be patient. We may ask you to do things that might seem counter intuitive such as:

  • Putting your mattress on the floor.
  • Letting us make it firmer even though you want it softer.
  • Placing a straight-edge across the latex to check level.

If -- in spite of all our efforts -- the mattress fails to meet your expectations, we will issue you a full refund.

The not so fine print.

  1. You can take up to 365 days to decide if Spindle is the mattress for you.
  2. It takes time to get used to anything new. Many people find this especially true when transitioning to a new mattress. We encourage you to sleep on the mattress for 60 days before deciding to modify your mattress.
  3. If you find that you want a refund after 60 days, you'll need to speak with someone from our team. A Spindle mattress is inherently easy to modify so there is a good chance that we can get you comfortable. If we are unable to find a solution to get you comfortable, we will begin the refund process.
  4. We cannot take the mattress back and we cannot remove it from your home. In the event of a refund you will need to cut all identifying labels from the Spindle and send them to us with a letter showing you’ve donated the mattress to a charity.
  5. We cannot issue a refund for your purchase until we receive proof that the mattress has been donated and is no longer in your possession.We understand that sometimes circumstances change and you may no longer need or want the mattress. In these cases, we ask that you please donate the mattress to a local charity or shelter. Next, email us documentation showing the mattress has been donated and removed from your home. We will then issue a refund for the purchase price of the mattress.
    **For items shipped to Canada, additional shipping charges, brokerage fees, duties and taxes (GST, QST, + HST) are nonrefundable.
    **Additional shipping charges to Alaska and Hawaii are nonrefundable.

  6. Your Spindle mattress must have compatible support.
  7. Our mattress is not designed for people whose BMI is 31 or over.
  8. This 100% refund only applies to the Spindle's Organic Latex Mattress or Organic Hybrid Mattress. It does not cover our foundation, which should be compatible with nearly every other mattress you buy.

  9. Our Comfort Satisfaction Guarantee only applies to the original purchaser of the mattress.
  10. FoundationsOur 365 Night Risk Free Trial only applies to the mattress so our foundation is not eligible for refundable. The foundation is universal and can be used with any other mattress.

  11. Factory Outlet Mattresses are sold as-is, which means there are no refunds or returns. This also means that the mattress is not eligible for the 365 night trial.


We understand that plans sometimes change and that you may need to cancel your order. You can do this at anytime prior to shipping at no charge. Contact us and we'll promptly process your refund.


You may return any three-inch latex layer or foundation that is unopened and in its original packing within 30 days of receiving it. For sanitary reasons, we do not accept returns once the product has been removed from its original packaging. Please note that you will be responsible for return shipping costs. Once we receive the returned product in its original packaging and have inspected it, we will refund the full amount.

We accept returns or exchanges for any three-inch latex layer or foundation damaged in transit or if the incorrect item was shipped to you. To be eligible for a refund or exchange for damaged or incorrect product, you must first email within 30 days of receiving it. Upon receipt of your email we will respond promptly and make sure your replacement is sent out. If a replacement item is not available, we will refund the full purchase price.


Once Spindle approves the refund, you'll receive an email that the money have been refunded to your credit card account. Due to the complexities of the banking system the moneys may not resolve to your account for 5–10 business days. Be assured we are not holding onto your funds. The funds are immediately removed from our account by the credit-card processor and submitted to your bank once you receive the email notification of the refund.

Refunds may appear in the form of a reversal, in which case the original payment will drop off of your bank statement and a separate credit is not issued. Please contact us immediately If your refund has not resolved within 10 days. We will do whatever we can to help resolve the issue.

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