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MISSING PACKAGESUpdated 2 years ago

Your order is comprised of multiple packages so they may not all arrive at the same time.

Please note in the shipping confirmation email we provide one tracking number.  This is your "master" tracking # for the entire shipment. If you click on the link in the email, you be taken to the Fedex website with tracking information for the mattress.

Towards the bottom of the tracking page, you'll notice a carrot dropdown that says: PACKAGES IN THIS SHIPMENT (TOTAL PACKAGES: _ ). Opening that section will provide you with a tracking number for each of the boxes. 

In most cases, the packages are not lost, but separated during the shipment.  The boxes will usually the arrive the following business day.  Therefore, packages arrive before a weekend or holiday will not arrive until the next business which can be two to three days later.

Keep in mind that the master tracking number is the tracking number for one of the boxes so Fedex may state that the shipment is delivered, but it is only for the one package and not the entire shipment.

If all of the tracking numbers show as delivered, please do some further investigating if you don't mind.

For deliveries to condo, apartment, etc., please check around the complex or with the property manager to see if it was delivered to the wrong unit or left at the main office.

Sometimes, the Fedex driver will tuck them away somewhere unusual to prevent them from being stolen so please check around the entire house.

Also, we'd recommend checking with a neighbor in case they brought it inside worried that it might get stolen.

If it is lost, we recommend contacting Fedex and then us. They will have specific questions about your residence and neighbor and will confirm your address that we won't be able to answer without contacting you. We appreciate your help with this.

Once we hear from you, we'll reached out to Fedex too and hope to find an answer for you quickly. Please hang with us as we try to find the packages.

Unfortunately, Fedex makes us wait 8 days or more to find the packages. But, we will not make you wait for them to figure things out. Usually, we find a resolution with one business day and not make you wait on Fedex, but it may take up to five to seven days to get a replacement depending on your location because we will need to ship out another one.

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