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Two to four weeks depending on where you are located in the US.  Those closer to our facility will receive it quicker. 

We make everything to order in our facility in Illinois and don't pull anything off the shelf. We do have work in progress so that the final production time doesn't take too long, but it usually takes five to seven business days to ship

We ship via Fedex Ground so the time in transit is one to six business days based on your location in the US.
  • Since we make everything to order in Illinois, you'll receive a tracking number within five to seven business days of placing the order. Your tracking number may not be recognized until later in the evening -- sometimes as late as 10 pm -- and you may get a prompt similar to, "Your shipment does not exist." This is normal. Be patient. If you continue to get the prompt please contact us.
  • The scheduled delivery date is not a guarantee of when your shipment will arrive. Delivery "exceptions", while rare, do happen. These may be caused by weather, disruptions within the shipper's system, excessive package volume at certain times of the year, etc.
  • Since your order is comprised of multiple packages they may not all arrive at the same time. We've seen 2 boxes arrive early and the remainder arrive on time or 2 boxes arrive on time and the 3rd box a day behind.

When you order we can provide a more accurate window for delivery based on our production schedule and your destination zip code. After ordering please contact us, our system will not provide lead time until a tracking number has been created.

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