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Before you start:

Have a look at your mattress and notice the normal variations in latex foam. It is not everyday that you assemble a mattress, and you may see things that don’t look quite right to you. Latex has many unique characteristics. While we have strict quality controls in place, not every piece of latex will look or feel exactly the same.

Things that you may notice are surface discoloration, the natural scent of latex, slight variations in appearance, minor variation in feel, minor tears in the latex (less than one inch) and other minor irregularities. Some layers may show a thin ridge, off centered at the head and foot. This is not glue, but an impression left by a seam in the mold.

How many people?

Two person job! Always lift the latex with two people to prevent ripping and tearing. Be gentle. Do not pull on the latex.

WARNING: Be careful handling the latex!

Do not pull or yank on the latex, it could rip or tear.
Do not put your fingers inside the holes to move it around.
Do not s-t-r-e-t-c-h the latex foam.
You can use a flicking motion to move the latex into place or shake it like a rug to spread it out.
If the latex tears slightly, don’t worry. It happens. Tears less than 2 inches won’t affect the performance of your Spindle mattress — but please be careful.

Building your new latex mattress.

  1. Bring the boxes into the room where you will be assembling your mattress.
  2. Check to make sure that you have all the boxes you need.
  3. Open the boxes. Do NOT use a sharp bladed instrument because it will damage the mattress.
  4. Locate the zipper cover.
  5. Place the zipper cover on the bed frame with the law tag at the foot of the bed and unzip the whole cover. The cover may seem too small for the amount of latex going into it, but don’t worry. We’ve designed it so that the latex fits snugly into the cover, zips cleanly, and provides a crisp look when done.
  6. Identify the base layer.
  7. Place the base layer inside of the cover. Gently shake the latex into place. (Grip the latex, and in a smooth wave-like motion, lift the latex up and down until it settles into a flat layer.)
  8. The first layer is the most important to line up. Take your time. You may need to reposition this layer as many as 7 to 10 times to get it right. (Yes, really!) Line up the latex as explained above and make sure it is even with the seams inside the cover.
  9. Tug on the border of the mattress cover to make sure that the bottom fabric underneath the latex is smooth and flat.
  10. Gently lay in the next two layers. Firmness and order of the layers will depend on which model you selected.
  11. Slowly start zipping the cover. It’s not a race. Make sure to pull down the flap. This is the flame protection. Gently push on the latex to make sure that it doesn’t get caught in the zipper.
  12. Take your time. Do not pull on the zipper too hard – you don’t want to break it!

Warning: As the tag on the cover states, you can NOT wash or dry clean the cover. You can vacuum the cover with a hand held vacuum that does not have a rotating bottom. You may also spot clean it with a damp cloth. The sun is the best disinfectant so feel free to put your cover on the line outside.

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