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We can't overemphasize the importance of giving your Spindle proper support. Spoiler alert: we're obsessed with the topic. An all-latex mattress like Spindle needs more support than many beds can provide. What's under your mattress will affect how you sleep. Without proper support the bed will sink and soften and not perform as designed. A box spring can do damage to your mattress.

There are a few approaches we recommend: Platform beds, foundations and motorized adjustable beds can all be good options, but they must meet our minimum requirements. Do not assume that what you have is compatible with your new mattress. As strong as it seems it may not be.

An all-latex mattress like ours is significantly heavier and more active than most other mattresses. Pairing this frame with your Spindle will void the warranty and comfort adjustment terms.

If you have a bed designed for a box-spring you'll need to use a foundation. It looks like a box spring from the outside but is solid, framed with structural wood and uses slats to support the bed.

Ours is 8" tall. Ironwood Frame in Phoenix, AZ makes a low profile version. The specs for a foundation are basically the same as for a slatted platform bed:

  • Slats of solid wood, no less than 3/4” thick 1x3 lumber works great -- Oak, Fir, Birch, Tulip, Poplar, etc...doesn't matter -- just NOT ply- or fabricated wood
  • Slats spaced no more than 3” apart. Skimping can damage your Spindle
  • Center support[s] under slats with legs to the floor
  • Plywood is not recommended. It may flex; also can lead to mold/mildew

Many slat kits are made with a 3/8" fabricated ply-type wood and will not give you enough support resulting in an unsupportive mattress. Spacing of the slats is also important as is center support to the floor.

Traditional bed frame

A foundation can be used instead of a box spring with a regular/traditional bed frame. There are times when the bed frame you already have may need some additional support. Please see our tips and tricks for reinforcing your existing bed frame.

Adjustable Frames
Our mattress and foundation (what can be referred to as a platform or box spring without springs) are compatible with most adjustable metal bed frames (aka Harvard or Hollywood) with some caveats. If the foundation and mattress aren’t supported properly, the foundation and frame then tries to compensate for the missing strength and that produces a softer, less supportive or sinking mattress.

For the metal frame, it should have two cross braces running side to side and a center support with two legs touching the floor.

Metal Bed Frame with Center Support

The other compatible option in metal frames is three cross braces and each needs to have a center leg touching the floor. Keep in mind you sometimes get what you pay for so in this case for proper support, always opt for the heavy duty options.

Platform Beds and Slats
Many customers pair their new mattress with a slatted platform bed. That's a great solution as long as the following guidelines are followed:

  • Slats of solid wood, no less than 3/4” thick 1x3 lumber works great -- Oak, Fir, Birch, Tulip, Poplar, etc...doesn't matter -- just NOT ply- or fabricated wood
  • Slats spaced no more than 3” apart. Skimping can damage your Spindle
  • Center support[s] under slats with legs to the floor
  • Plywood is not recommended. It may flex; also can lead to mold/mildew

Adjustable Beds
Motorized adjustable beds are another popular option and, again, they come in different grades. In this category you typically get what you pay for. Avoid value options that are not much more than a motorized folding cot. They will not provide the kind of stability you need. You can expect to pay upward of $1,500 to $2,000 for a Queen; $2,500 and up for a King.

Adjustable platforms from Leggett & Platt can be a good option. Look for :

  • Solid platform — [i.e.:NOT wire or mesh]
  • Motor with lift capacity +/- 850 lbs. [exceeding mattress weight + sleepers]

Recommended Platform Beds if you are looking...

We very much appreciate fine workmanship in beds. Customers have shared their resources and we've identified a few of our own. We've listed them below with a couple of common sense caveats.

  1. We are not affiliated with any of the manufacturers below. While we cannot endorse them, the products do seem to be well built and compatible with an all latex mattress like ours.
  2. We encourage you to work closely with the bed maker. You may need to order custom modifications from their typical stock units. e.g.: One New England company's beds have slats running head to toe, supported by a steel beam spanning side to side and sometimes no support to floor. They've been known to modify their standard designs for customers who are "very clear" as to how they want their bed constructed.

Here are some ideas to get you going:

Always check with bed manufacturers to be sure bed has sufficient slats AND legs supporting the center [head to toe] of the bed. Many will do this for a reasonable additional charge.

Another option in the platform bed category is to use a foundation with legs. Ironwood Bed Frames, has a design where the legs are an integral part of the foundation. When they are removed the foundation can be used in a bed designed for a "box", and that may come in handy later down the road. It is not positioned as an heirloom piece of furniture but it is well constructed and reports from customers are favorable. It may serve a stop-gap purpose if you're overwhelmed by so many other choices.

Please avoid
We've seen an influx of frames like this under different brand names including ZinusClassic Brands and others. The price point is attractive. Amazon is selling one under their own Basics brand. We've tested this platform and its wire frame does not have enough support for your Spindle. The wire grid will sag; the struts and connecting hardware stabilizing the platform may fail prematurely; the legs can splay. [they did on our test platform with the mattress and sleeper]. Product descriptions like Extra Strong, Sturdy, Heavy Duty, Rigid, Hercules, Up to 2000 lbs, and more suggest these frames are compatible with anything you can throw at it. We know your Spindle will not perform as expected on this style frame.

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