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In the event a warranty, it may require some effort.

What do I do if I have a warranty claim?

First, check the limited warranty information to make sure your mattress is eligible for a claim.

If you believe you are eligible, reach out to us right away by email or phone and let us know what is going on. We are here to help, but we need to figure out what is going on. This will take a little work because we need to determine which component(s) are causing the problem. Keep in mind that sometimes it isn’t always the mattress.

To help us figure out the proper solution, we need a few things.
1. First, unzip the top of your cover and leave the layers of latex in the bucket (what we call the bottom part of the cover). Then place a straight edge over the dip/compression in the layer of latex and take a photograph so we can see exactly what you mean. Repeat for the remaining layers (one by one), as well as the support system like a platform bed or foundation. The more photos that we have the better.
2. Next we’ll need photos and a description of what is holding up the mattress. This will include the bed frame, foundation (aka box spring), metal frame, platform bed, adjustable bed, etc. Basically the furniture that holds up your mattress. We’ll specifically want close ups of the slats and supports.
3. If possible, we may ask you to place the mattress flat on the floor to see if the sag/compression remains. Keep in mind, we are real people and not some huge mega corporation. We will collaborate with you to find a workable solution to the problem.

*Last note: if you remove the tags from your Spindle, please hang onto them. If you do have a need for the warranty, it will help us identify the specifics of your mattress.

Once your claim has been received, we will contact you within 48 hours. In two (2) to three (3) business days, we will let you know if your claim is approved or denied. If you are eligible for a warranty claim, we will contact you about replacement or repair.


Fine Print:

As Spindle evolves, things may change. Change is good! In this case it means for warranty claims we may have to provide you with substitute materials or models of equal or greater value. We cannot guarantee that the replacement will match your existing piece exactly.

For those with a prorated warranty, payment may be required for replacement.

The consumer may incur costs to pay transportation, freight, and shipping charges when replacing a defective Spindle product. [As long as you are in the contiguous 48 states, we cover shipping costs for all materials that leave our workshop to go to you.]

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