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LATEX IMPERFECTIONSUpdated 2 years ago

We ask that with a Spindle you become the mattress maker and experience first hand how the mattress is made. Latex foam is nearly always enclosed inside of a cover and is not produced to be seen or to look pretty. Our years of experience have taught us that these are not manufacturing defects and we are certain you may use the materials you have with no ill effects. These imperfections are internal and cosmetic and do not affect the performance or durability.

Throughout our marketing materials, like the assembly video starting at 2m 16s, we do try to highlight these inherent imperfections. But, we realize that this may be overlooked during the buying process. And, it can be quite a shock to learn about these after.

If you own a Spindle and are concerned, please email us photos. We'll review them and determine if it will affect the durability or performance of your mattress. The materials usually fall within our quality control parameters. It is usually a blemish from the manufacturing process. It may be caused by:

  • a hot spot on the molding plate, when the latex is being removed from the mold, an air pocket that got caught during pouring process, etc.
  • heat of the pins causing discoloration or burn marks

You will see this on nearly every piece of latex we ship. Latex without any marks is the rare exception.

Keep in mind that you're working with materials that are really not designed to be "pretty". Cosmetics are of little concern with these out of sight out of mind materials. It's totally understandable that you're asking questions about the latex. It's a new experience and of course you want to be sure there are no defects with the goods.

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