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This simple answer is No. We do not recommend our mattresses for a murphy bed. The weight and flexibility of a Spindle mattress make it difficult to secure the mattress in place vertically for extended periods of time.

Things to consider when selecting a mattress for a murphy bed:

  1. When lifting a heavy mattress to store vertically, it can slump or sag making it difficult to get the bed to close. A heavy mattress is also likely to sag or slump under its own weight when it is stored vertically so the mattress may get stuck and jam inside the mechanism.
  2. You should check on the mechanisms that lift and hold the mattress in place are able to accommodate the weight of the mattress. If the mattress is too heavy, the door will not remain shut, and you will be unable to store the mattress vertically.
  3. Check to make sure that the murphy bed can accommodate the thickness of the mattress when the door is shut. Most can do a 10”, but we’ve seen ones that only accept a 6” whereas others can hold up to 16”. It all depends so double check before buying a new mattress

Type of mattresses to avoid:

  1. Bed in a box. Since these beds can ship compressed, the materials used are highly flexible. When the mattress is stood on end, it slumps and sags where it can get jammed in the mechanisms. Plus, these mattresses are sometimes only held together by small spots of glue so when the mattress is stored vertically, the materials will sag and bunch potentially damaging the mattress.
  2. Pocketed Coils. While these create a wonderful sleeping experience and are extremely popular today, they do not have the structure to be stored up right for prolonged periods of time. Like the other mattresses, the materials may fold and bend inside the bed causing irreversible damage.
  3. It is an amazing material and extremely comfortable. The challenge is latex is very flexible and heavy, so it does not hold its shape when trying to stand the mattress on end. The mattress will slump and sag when trying to store it and can jam the mechanisms inside of the murphy bed.

While these mattresses are extremely comfortable when stored horizontally or used on an adjustable bed, they will not work with a murphy bed.

What mattresses work?

  1. Open coil innersprings that do not ship compressed. These mattresses have a lot of rigidity and are usually not compatible on an adjustable bed because they do not bend. These have a helical and border rod to tie everything together which make the bed very rigid and a great option for a murphy bed.
  2. High Density Foam. This is the second-best option. You will need something thick enough usually over 8” that can maintain its shape, but not so heavy or flexible that it can fold over itself. Tip: If it is comprised of layers, make sure that the layers are laminated together and not glued together in spots.

Where to buy these mattresses?

Shopping locally can be a suitable alternative when an online mattress does not work which is most online mattresses. The Mattress Underground has a listing of indies and specialty stores in your area. It may be a little dated, but you may find it helpful.

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