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Give it enough time.
While most people love their Spindle mattress after the first night, for some it may take longer. Especially if you have been sleeping on a different type of mattress for many years. If you are in the process of trying to find the right mattress and have slept on two or more different mattresses in the past six months, your body will need more time to adjust to the better support and comfort that it receives from a Spindle latex mattress. We know most people love our mattress. With more time, we are confident you’ll love yours. For some it can take up to eight weeks.

New mattress smell.
When you receive your new latex mattress, you may notice a faint smell. Our mattresses are immediately sealed after making, which locks in some of the scent of natural latex until you open the packages in your house. While some people may find this new mattress smell unpleasant, it usually dissipates within a few weeks as your mattress has time to breathe. Rest assured that we do not use add chemical flame retardants or other potentially harmful chemicals -- we use organic cotton, organic wool, and organic latex. Our latex and wool are Oeko-Tex Class certified. Oeko-Tex tests the finished latex and wool for any potentially harmful substances ranging from heavy metals to pesticides to known carcinogens.

Let it breathe.
Give it some time to air out before you put sheets on your new Spindle mattress. Opening the windows and/or putting a fan on it can help dissipate the scent more quickly.

Seeing where you slept.
Body impressions or indentations and a softening in the mattress where you sleep do not indicate a structural weakness or breakdown of the latex foam. Rather, imprints and softening are a normal and natural occurrence, and are an indication that the upholstery layers are conforming to each person’s individual weight and body characteristics.

Our warranty covers indentation greater than 3/4″ in the latex only [not the cover].

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